Thursday, July 29, 2010


          Hello Friends, and for those who don't know me my name is Mary Proulx.  Ever since I can remember (my memory isn't that great) I have always LOVED FOOD (well most things)!  Thankfully as I've gotten older, my palate has changed.  Growing up I was a picky eater, and I was always the last person at the table.  The worst was when we had spinach. Once it was cold there was a chance that I would be there till past my bed time.  I went so far as to put fish in my napkin and then put the napkin in my pocket, oh those were the days.  Now at 29 I have a passion for food!  There is not one thing that I have tried that I wouldn't eat again.  Now there are things that I don't really care for, and may not make, or maybe it's that I haven't perfected making it???
          In this blog I will share with you foods that I make throughout the week. My goal with this blog is to come up with as many fun, fresh, new and cost effective recipes to share with all of you and my husband (Mark Miller).  Mark and I are both athletes, so we eat A LOT!  So I won't be putting down serving sizes (I will leave that up to you).  Most recipes I've either made up, have been past down through my family, or are inspirations from recipes I see in magazines, cookbooks, TV, or that I've tried in a restaurant.
        One of my favorite things to do is try to figure out what was in a recipe.  For instance the other day I was blueberry picking and they have the cutest little tea place next door, so of course I have to go in and order something. I had a chocolate croissant and a freshly brewed black/green iced tea.  I bought two chocolate croissants for dessert, which I heated up and put maple syrup, a scoop of chocolate ice cream, and some fresh whipped cream!!!!  TO DIE FOR!  So I wrote to my friend Meg, and told her about it and said that I was now going to figure out how to make it!  So you will have to stay tuned to see how it goes.  Also, if you are in the Keene NH area you have to check out  Monadnock Blueberries (in Troy NH...15 min from Keene).  There are acres of blueberry and raspberry bushes, and the view of Mt. Monadnock is breathtaking!!!   I took my friend Meg there the other day, and she is going to move back to the Keene area because of its beauty.
           I also have to mention that I am not a professional cook, so I do make mistakes.  When figuring out a recipe it can take a few tries (but that is the fun part), and I don't have any complaints from Mark!  Like I said, I like to "perfect" the recipe!
           Now for some brief thank you's before I get cooking!  First of all to Mark for inspiring me to do this.  He is so grateful for my cooking, and he has always been my biggest cooking supporter.  My dad who has always inspired me!  He never uses a cookbook and he never remembers what goes into his recipes (he wings things) but it is always amazing.  He has a good sense of what goes well together.  My friend Mrs. Matthews ( my third mom), who always has my back!  She is constantly coming up with ideas for me to share my cooking. Sell lunches to school teachers, sell cupcakes to local stores, etc.... And lastly my two brothers Eli, and John (who both use to cook for restaurants growing up) for making me the luckiest little sister!  You two inspire me with your passion for food and life!  I love you all!!

Buona giornata!

Mary Proulx

(Also, some people may think I use exclamation points too much but it is only because I am a really excited person!!  wink, wink)

Ps.  I would love for you all to leave any comments, or questions.  Also, please any of your favorite recipes.


  1. Cute idea Mary! We will be looking forward to seeing your dinner ideas, my brain is already overloaded and I'll be glad to steal your recipes. If we ever cook again I'll share some of mine too! Miss you guys! Love, Wendy
    (I too love exclamation points!)

  2. I was hoping you'd have a carrot cake recipe.... looks like I'll have to use my own :)
    LOVED Eko's B-day Cake!!!
    Hope to see you soon...not sure I like how long it's been! :)
    Talk soon Sweet Gal~Holly