Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mary Ruel's Chicken Curry Salad

For my bridal shower, we had a potluck lunch.  I always love potluck gatherings, because it's always fun to try lots of different foods made by other people.  My great aunt, Mary Ruel, made her chicken curry salad.  It was such a HUGE hit.  All my girlfriends that came asked for the recipe.  The best part of this dish, is all the flavors and textures that it has.  The heat from the curry, the sweetness and snap from the grapes, and the crunch from the pecans give this dish layers of goodness.  I choose to use rotisserie chicken because it has so much flavor and it is so moist (and it is easier).  I've done it with grilled chicken breast before, but it can be very fickle so the safest and best bet is to use a rotisserie chicken.  I am honored to share this delicious dish with you, and I hope you enjoy it and share it at your next potluck!!!

Chicken Curry Salad
1 store rotisserie chicken
2 lbs of grapes (cut them in half)
1/2 cup pecans
1/2 -3/4 cup mayo
S+P to taste
Curry, it depends on how potent it is.  I get mine a a local organic store (so it is always fresh).  Mark and I like it a little spicy, so we generally add a lot!

The best way to serve this is by putting spoonfuls on a large romaine lettuce leafs, wrapping it up and eating it just like that.  Or you can eat it on top of chopped up lettuce.

We served this batch on fresh foccacia bread from the Keene Fresh Salad Co. The only problem was that the bread was so thick that we couldn't really taste the salad!

 miscela di spezie indiana alzare,

Mary Proulx

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