Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Paul Proulx's Crepes

Growing up, my dad always made the BEST breakfasts!  The weekends were always special, and he would always make something fun, and exciting.  My favorite thing that my dad ever made was his crepes.  My Papa was French, so my dad carried on the tradition of making crepes.  Growing up he would always try to make the crepes healthy and would add an apple compote to the middle.  As we grew up, we would put brown sugar, maple syrup and spray whipped cream in them (now that's what I'm talking about).  My new crave is chocolate and berries.  So here it is!!

 Crepes (this makes one crepe)

1 egg
1 tbs flour
1 tbs water

Place a greased skillet on medium heat, you want the pan hot when you add the batter.  For every crepe you are making you just multiply this batch by the # of crepes you want.  Mix all together in a bowl.  Put a ladles worth of batter on a hot greased skillet and move the batter in clockwise position until the batter is no longer moving. Flip the crepe once it is no longer sticking to the skillet and vice versa.

I put nutella spread in the middle, and add fresh berries (both inside and in the middle).  Serve with whipped cream!!!  If you make this dish, you will think you have died and gone to heaven!  You can serve it as breakfast or dessert (or anytime you crave it).  I guarantee if you like sweets, that you will fall in love with this dish!  I crave it weekly!

It is actually very healthy for you:  Eggs, berries, dairy, and nutella (which is a good substitute for peanut butter)!!  You don't have to feel guilty eating this dish at all!!!!

There really are no words to describe this dish, other than, simply irresistible (or to die for)!!!!!!!

Grazie Papa,

Mary Proulx

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  1. I really shouldn't be reading this late at night. Off to the fridge...